SternVest Capital, LLC
invested and raised equity directly in real estate assets and natural resource partnerships in those key industries. Investments are primarily placed in private partnerships, joint ventures and as direct capital sources. These equity investments include direct co- investing as  principal partner, limited partnership roles or into specific funds.


Geographic focus includes New York City, Eastern US, and Dallas/ Ft. Worth Market. SternVest Capital is based in New York City and keeps and affiliate office in Dallas, Texas. 

A bottom up analysis focusing on fundamentals, underwriting risk and market knowledge while having a reputation for responsiveness. As both investors, capital partners and managers, we have the ability to generate deal flow from both situational opportunities and key ongoing industry relationships.

We pursue small, middle market opportunities ranging from $10 to $ 40 Million requiring $ 5 to $ 15 Million of equity.

Over the past twenty five years Randolph Stern and his related company Sternvest Capital have invested in a creative approach that has led to value-added investment opportunities and excellent performance for its partners and investors. These capabilities have led to successful real returns while building longer term growth.